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About Us

What is Thrive Island all about?

At Thrive Island, our number 1 priority is being people-centric and people-driven. To us, this means many things, but one way we like to implement that into our daily operations and values is that we strive to not only be inclusive of, but also to celebrate all women, of all colors, shapes, sizes, ideals, and backgrounds. We also want to provide unique and trendy clothing that makes any woman feel confident in the person she is, inside and out.

To "thrive" is a fluid term that can be interpreted in millions of different ways, all based on the individual that chooses to embody it. We want all of our customers-- our Thrive Island family-- to thrive in their own unique ways. The official definition of "thrive", as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is "to grow vigorously." We are a brand characterized by that very phrase. Thrive Island was started in spring 2018 by three ambitious young college students. In the first three months, they helped it "grow vigorously" to become one of Instagram's prominent online clothing stores, with an expanding family of 4,000 official Thrive Island Ambassadors, and 75,000 followers (and counting). Now Thrive Island is headed towards even further growth, spurred on daily by a passionate and driven team of young professionals.

Our brand is characterized by celebration, determination, and embracing your unique self and story. We advocate for a strong community of women from our generation who are go-getters, innovators, and glass ceiling breakers. In addition to these things, we are authentic. We value transparency and impeccable customer service. We answer every single direct message and email we receive, and we are always working to connect with our customers. We do our best to feature as many of our #ThriveFam as possible on our page in order to highlight all of the beauty, diversity, and unique senses of style that are found amongst our Thrive Island family. 

To sum it up-- at the end of the day, we just want Thrive Island to be something that makes people:

1) feel confident in themselves

2) feel motivated to be their own version of a go-getter

and 3) smile :)

Thank you for reading <3

Have an amazing day, and don't forget to Thrive!